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End The Stigma



Freud was the creator of talk-therapy, a type of therapy used today in cases ranging from the mildest to the most acute. Because Freud is such a key player in modern psychology (though some of his ideas were discredited by a number of experts) I have decided to include a paragraph about him.

Sigmund Freud was one of the most prominent psychological theorists of the past century. He was trained as a neurologist but didn’t conform to the ideas of the medical community. He is known for his theories about the unconscious mind and his method of treating patients through psychotherapy, which was essentially talk therapy.  One of his most famous contributions to psychology is that he was the father of psychoanalysis. He tended to tie many psychological problems to sexual issues. He conjectured that there are three parts to a person’s inner conscience. The animalistic side hungry for physical desires is the id. He studied the concept of the libido, meaning people’s instinctual desires. The more self-aware and reality-focused aspect is the ego. Finally, the third facet is the superego, which is the spiritual and higher-thinking side which knows the difference between right and wrong. His interpretation of dreams is another contribution to psychology that he is known for. He believed that a great deal about a person can be discovered by looking into the unconscious. Today, his philosophy is used in some ways and but is rejected in others. Due to his findings in the psychological world, we know many basic tenets of psychology critical to understanding the behavior of people and how we can influence it.