Although I am lucky to say that I have personally never experienced mental health issues, I both know people who have AND have worked in a psychiatric setting, AND I love creative writing; so I feel triply obligated to post this poem I have once written. It is dedicated to anyone who has ever suffered from depression. Here is what you can do: When reading this poem, think of the “I” as any person close to you who is depressed and let it serve as a springboard to inspire you to be there for them when they need you.

Oh, inner monsters inside my head- how long will you intrude my days and nights?

How long will you continue to tear up my sense of self and my happiness?

You disease of the mind- how long will you rob me…rob me of life?

How long will you grasp my conscience, so that I cannot think for myself as I had done before?

Tell me, where did I lose myself?

Where did my happy old self disappear to?

I thought I knew myself, until a spirit had captured me, into a world of darkness.

Until I have become swept in a terrible illusion, in which the world is always a half empty cup.

Where the world is a horrible place.

Where I am hated.

Why do I suddenly believe this?

Why is this illusion so easy to be swept by now?

This is an illusion which leads to an even worse reality-

A reality where nobody understands me.

They don’t see these demons inside of me, they do not comprehend why I behave so differently now.

They do not know.

They do not have a clue why I act this way.

They do not have the awareness that it’s not my fault.

They do not sympathize with me.

But they do see me as an inconvenience.

As an impediment.

As a plague in their daily life.

Rather, what hurts the most is what they disregard in me.

Because according to them I am not a person.

I am a disease. A disaster. A dungeon of darkness.

A deadly doom.

However, I still believe that I am a teenager, with goals and ambitions.

I believe that I am a dreamer capable of whatever lies in my desired path.

I am an achiever.

I am a friend.

I am a champion.

But most of all, I am a fighter.