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As I began to pursue this interest in mental health more deeply, I discovered that there are more ways of looking at this field than I had thought possible, and only a multidisciplinary approach at looking at the world of mental health will solve the related problems that are pervasive in today’s world.
A knowledge of the biological bases of behavior is important, showing that much of human behavior is rooted in brain chemistry as well as genetics. It is essential for a modern discussion of mental health to acknowledge the neuroscientific aspects of behavior, for many serious disorders can be treated using medical techniques stemming from this knowledge.
Second, the interplay between culture and mental health should be examined as well. An analysis of the attitudes of different cultures toward mental health will not only broaden perspectives, but will teach people that there is not always one right answer. A major issue in mental health today is the question of “what is considered normal?” A religious belief in one culture may be branded as a bizarre delusion by psychiatrists in another.
It is vital to address the interaction between mental health and aspects of society such as the law, healthcare policy, and education. An overview of the types of professionals that provide mental health services, the most common mental disorders in the United States, and different types of therapy should be explored as well. Importantly, learning about mental health would be incomplete without discussing the stigma surrounding mental health, with a goal of increasing awareness and tolerance.


Check out this facebook page:
Its called Fashion Recovery, and it is living proof of the fact that eating disorders can be beaten. Scrolling down the page for just a minute, you will see that there is more to a person than an eating disorder, and that there is hope for recovery. The page is full of inspiring quotes and pictures that serve as reminders of everybody’s magnificence, inside and out. As the creator of the page writes in its description, “This is a page that advocates self-acceptance, recovery, healthy body image, acceptance of others and most of all the meaning of true beauty ♥ stay strong”.

Check out this intriguing article!

Michael Cornwall, Ph.D. argues that maybe mental illness doesn’t really exist the way we think it does! Its possible that emotional suffering and madness, no matter how extreme the extent is, are all regular parts of life, even when they are presented at near-clinical levels.

Just some food for thought.