In the past year, there have allegedly been three suicides in one high school in Newton, Massachusetts. That number is horribly alarming. Granted, when one suicide occurs it is likelier for others around the victim to commit suicide than for the average person, but something needs to be said about THREE PEOPLE. Of course, I am not a professional (though I hope to be in some capacity someday), so my word is not to be taken mindlessly, but here are some suggestions on how to prevent suicide in the future:
1. If one is feeling ANY suicidal ideation, he or she must tell somebody. Seeking help is vital in such a situation, because this way, others are aware of the potential victim’s possibility and they can hopefully pick up signs of serious consideration.
2. If one notices frequent posts on Facebook or other social media outlets by the individual about death or suicide, he or she needs to act immediately. Whether it is informing an adult, or confronting the individual, something must be done. Posting online is often a cry for help. Take it as one.
3. The environment can deeply influence mental health. Hence, when is considering suicide, the environment around him or her must be assessed. Maybe the individual is experiencing bullying or a family conflict. By no means does experiencing such events mean that someone automatically becomes depressed (these are unfortunately events that often happen in life and a normally sad response to them should not be taken as an illness of the mind (i.e. depression)), but one with pre-existing major depressive disorder may experience an exacerbation of depressive symptoms as a result of such situations. Knowledge of the external factors contributing to the depression helps to determine how to best treat it.
4. On a larger scale, suicide prevention programs must be implemented in schools and other community institutions. Such initiatives have the power to show a young adult considering suicide that there is hope.

DISCLAIMER: Luckily I have never encountered a suicide among the people that I know, so I am not sure which of my proposed solutions are more effective than others. It probably depends on the situation.